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            JOSÉ MANUEL FORS


...because your thing is to capture that rhythm of growth in nature and then mirror it with a slow observation which is also a part of nature. Fortunately that slowness necessary to take observation to a fabulous extent, is accompanied by a hyperbolic memory. Among many gestures, many words, many sounds, after you have observed them between sleep and wakefulness, you know the one that is going to accompany the memory for centuries. The visit of our impressions is so fast that they are imposible to embrace , but your gift for observation waits, like in a theatre where they have to appear, reappear, let themselves to be caressed or show themselves elusive, those impressions that later become light as larvae, but then your memory provides them with a substance similar to the mud of the beginning, like a stone which reflected the image of the shadow of the fish. You speak of the rhythm of growth of nature, but one has to be very humble in order to be able to observe it, to follow it, to venerate it. I can see in that that you belong to our family, most people interrupt, favour the void, make exclamations, awkward demands or recite ghostly arias, but you observe that rhythm of fulfilment and completion, we do not know what of, which has been , as you put it, dictated to us as the main sign of our being alive.

Paradiso , José Lezama Lima